Creoseals Shed and Fence Timber Care is a water-based product and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based wood preservatives. Due to the improved formulation of Creoseal’s Shed & Fence Timber Care it can now be used on garden walls and terracotta to further enhance the colour co-ordination of your garden environment.

Click on colour swatches to show the shed in the desired colour.

The colours above are shown as a guide only. Final colour finshes may vary.

Ensure the wood to be treated is clean and dry. All moss should be brushed off
Apply the Shed & Fence Timber Care liberally, but not too thickly, as the product has a good covering capacity. Apply with brush, roller or spray
Patch match each can before application
Simply wash out brushes in soapy water
Shed and Fence Timber Care will cover most wood with one application
Apply Shed and Fence Timber Care if it is not going to rain before drying, or up to 4 hours after application.
Use on rough cut timber, fences, sheds and other garden wood work. Also suitable for terracotta and walls.